IASAS Art delegates prepare to collaborate with artists from other schools for the IASAS Art Convention


The IASAS Art home show can be viewed at the fourth floor of the Art department, right above the spiral staircase. [ARIEL LEE/THE BLUE & GOLD]

12 article delegates were selected by the Art Department to represent TAS at the Cultural Convention held by the International School of Bangkok (ISB). Delegates have opportunities to participate in workshops, gallery visits and make art collaboratively.

Every year, artworks from different students are showcased. This year, the IASAS Art delegates helped in selecting the art pieces for the IASAS Art Show.

While the art delegates are disappointed to not be able to travel this year, many are excited about being able to meet new artists from the other schools and learn from them. 鈥淚鈥檓 most excited about collaborating with other people on the projects,鈥 Emma K. (鈥23), a first time IASAS Art delegate, said.

The host school wanted to have the art delegates experience three concepts in this year’s convention: Make work, share work and see work.

The 鈥渕ake work鈥 comes in the form of the workshops that were planned by ISB with Thai artists. There is also an added component of collaborative art pieces where delegates will each work on a digital piece for an allotted amount of time then transfer it to a delegate from another school.

鈥淪hare work鈥 is different delegates from different schools providing critique and sharing the Home Show. Normally, the 25 selected artworks would travel to the host school and be in a huge showcase. However, this year, each school puts up their own show with the artworks getting compiled into a catalog.

The last part, 鈥渟ee work,鈥 will be implemented with a gallery trip to team Lab, a design studio from Japan that works with digital projection. 鈥淚t’s a very aesthetic experience,鈥 Ms. Michelle Kao (she/her) , one of the teachers leading IASAS Art said. 鈥淚t’s also very interactive and whimsical and really gets people thinking about art in different ways.鈥

Another component of this year鈥檚 convention is called 鈥淐offee with Alumni鈥 which will be for sharing alumni stories. TAS has selected Lily Yang, the current art assistant who was an IB Artist that started as an IASAS Art delegate. Lily recently had her own art show (Victoria鈥檚 YouTube link)that many TAS students attended.

Ms. Kao hopes that tas delegates are able to learn from this experience and find that art is everywhere. 鈥淏y mixing and mingling with different artistic, people from different grades, by seeing artwork, it really broadens their horizons as artists,鈥 she said.

鈥淭here are a lot of uncertainties but hopefully the IASAS Art Conference will turn out well鈥 Alex H. (鈥22), a second year IASAS Art delegate said.

This piece titled, 鈥淭he Olympian鈥 is by Alex H. (鈥22), a second year IASAS Art delegate who attempted to portray the disregarded perspective of athletes’ mental well being in the Olympics. [ARIEL LEE/成人大片; GOLD]