Our Alumni Success Stories...

Here are some of the universities our students received acceptances from...

"Hello KAS community  
In the KAS library I fell in love with reading and this is what made me the writer I am today. My favorite books were the Little House on the Prairie series, Little Women, A Wrinkle in Time, The Diary of Anne Frank and Harriet the Spy. I borrowed them again and again. I had outstanding teachers and the one who influenced me the most was Mrs. Floyce Abdelwahab. I was struggling and shy and she offered consistent encouragement and praise. I will never forget her beautiful handwriting on the blackboard and her high standards. She was an excellent and highly qualified teacher.鈥

Leila Aboulela, Aberdeen (Bestselling author)

鈥淕raduated from KAS 16 years ago and still have great
memories. Truly blessed to have been able to have an
excellent education at a great school that is a big part of who I am today.鈥

Mustafa, Bournemouth, UK (Cardiologist)

鈥淗ello from sunny Sydney! KAS was the highlight of my
childhood and growing up in Sudan. Thank you to the very
dedicated teachers that made the school a very conducive
place for learning, and paved the way to help me excel in my
studies and extracurricular activities to the tertiary level. I am happy to report that I still keep in touch with my KAS friends from over 20 years ago to this day!鈥

Fadhillah (Geospatial engineer)

鈥淚 spent a total of four years at KAS together with my two
brothers in 1986-88 and 90-92. - Many good memories. This is where I learned English and met the world as a young child. 鈥

Elizabeth, Norway (Deputy Headmistress)

"I love KAS. Mr. Heitzberg our 7th grade English teacher taught me so much of who I am now- this is where I began to write poetry. It's a soulful place where I made friends for life.鈥

Sarah, London

"Hello KAS community  
As an artist and in life, you never know what medium you can apply your skills to until you give it a shot. My strengths ended up being in photography and illustration, but ultimately, my love for cartoon such as Disney film, anime and, I have to give a big shout out to Space Toon. I ended up gravitating to the imaginary in illustration. I encourage students from Sudan/ KAS to give it a shot, speak to your teacher if you are interested in pursuing this particular field or any field. During my time at KAS I was fortunate to have teachers who listened and understood where I was headed and encouraged my love for art into something I could cultivate and grow from. Like anything good in this world, it takes a lot hard work and a lot heart, but to begin you must speak up. So I encourage you to speak up for your education and for your future.鈥

Mahmoud Hamo, USA (Freelance Illustrator and Concept Artist)

"I still remember the KASMUN conferences that I attended and took part as a secretariat member. 
KAS still makes up one of the puzzle pieces that define who I am today. Thank you.鈥

Recue Hwang, Political Science student at the University of Amsterdam

KAS has always been more than just a school to me. There have always been characteristics to the place that make it resemble a home. After graduating from university in 2016 and returning to 成人大片, I was naturally drawn to looking for opportunities here at KAS. It is great being able to work amongst some of the people who once taught me and contributed in making me the person that I am today.鈥

Hiam, 成人大片, (Shadow Teacher at KAS)

"Teachers are our everyday heroes; I am eternally grateful for being apart of this fine institution. Hope to reunite with all the wonderful teachers and old friends one day. Happy 60th KAS!鈥

Faraz (College student)

I鈥檝e spent 13 years of my life having fun, achieving, and learning at KAS. I enjoyed every moment of those years at such a beautiful, welcoming, and diverse environment. Thank you for the wonderful time KAS! I鈥檓 looking forward to coming back home soon.

Omar, UK (Architecture student)

鈥湷扇舜笃 will always be my favorite school because of the great atmosphere, outstanding class-rooms and school premises, but also due to the quality of staff and curriculum. This school definitely had a big influence in setting me in the right direction, providing me not only with knowledge and skills for future professional endeavors, but also with a desire to develop into a generally better, kinder and more diverse person. Thanks, KAS!鈥

Igor from Belgrade

Sample of KAS Alumni鈥檚 careers:

Aeronautical Science & Engineering
Associate Professor of Mass Communication
Award winner writer
British Civil Servant
Child Therapist
Climate Change Specialist
Cofounder, Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Computer Science
Deputy principal
Drilling Engineer

E-commerce product owner
Editor in Chief
Factory worker
Geospatial Engineer
Infection Preventions
Interior Designer
Law enforcement
Life coach
Managing Director
Medical doctor

Naval officer
Partner at To Interface (The Netherlands)
Project HR/Finance Manager
Public/Private Partnerships Director, Office of the Mayor of the New York City
Senior Software Engineer
Senior Systems Analyst
Senior Wells Engineer
Software Test Analyst